CAADence in Architecture, 2016, Budapest, Hungary

Dear CAADence-ian, 
We are glad that you could participate in the workshop/conference. We hope it was a good opportunity to learn, get to know each other and have a great time.
Thank you for coming!

Let's see our event in numbers:
There were 128 participants from 22 different countries, diving into the conference programme and listening to 32 paper presentations, while eating 150 CAADence cookies.

For more content see our photo gallery and video gallery.

Here is an essence video of the conference, enjoy!



---------INVITATION MESSAGE---------

Dear Visitor,

we are glad to invite you to the CAADence in Architecture international workshop and conference, which will take place at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics on 16-17th June 2016.

The workshop and conference are aimed at promoting discourse amongst professors, researchers, practicing architects, PhD and regular students, who immerse themselves in different areas of computer aided architectural design. By organizing a workshop with conference, we would like to close the distance between practice and theory.

This forthcoming workshops and conference would be a great opportunity to exchange thoughts on the latest progress and current trends of the field, as well as, to make each other’s acquaintance in the process - all in the hope of developing a mutually fruitful discourse.


the organizing team       
CAADence [at]